Living and Learning Work Day

Calling all Cliftonites and any who want to help with the Community Garden @ Sacred Heart Village! This Sunday, July 13th @ 3pm we will be building compost bins and chipping brush @ SHV. There will be a large hungry chipper there that needs to be fed! We will also be building bins @ that time. Karen and I will pick up pallets in the a.m. & have them there. I'm attaching pics of the bins the garden comm. built @ my house. If anyone has other ideas on a design please let us know. If not, this is what we'll do. They worked over here. We will need; cordless screwdrivers, screws, wheelbarrow, shovels, garden rake, any 2x4's and 2x6's you can spare, all you're skill and knowledge, and Edgar....that's o.k., I'll bring him. Knock on your neighbor's door and bring them along! The more the merrier. I'll bring water, you bring your cup. If you have kids bring them. It's a big field with room to run. (Kites seem to work also:) Pura Vida! janie

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