When Ray was mowing, "I noticed a 'trench' already in place that might be suitable for this process, and could utilize some of the sticks etc. from the cleared off place, as well as some of the chipped debris."

Left: Janie watering the Hugul - kultur

The Sunday work group on the garden held a group class in Hugelkultur and all twelve of us were amazed at what we learned. We hope to get pics up soon. Anybody out there know how to do a google photo album? Until then, check out this link

Landmarks staff toured Clifton Community Arts and Gardens at Sacred Heart Village with community members from the Clifton Council Sustainable Clifton and Beautification Committees, and gave advice on complying with the Landmarks Ordinance as part of permaculture master planning for the site.

Planting has begun at the Clifton Community Arts and Gardens site at Sacred Heart Village. One of the first crops to be planted is Amaranth, This beautiful high protein cereal was the principle grain crop of the Americas before the Spanish bans enforced colonial control of food and culture. Renowned for it's hearty flavor, full complement protein seeds and edible leaves and beautiful purple/magenta flowers often used for dye, amaranth is making a comeback as an important crop throughout the world -- and in Louisville.

We're fortunate to have in Louisville Drs. Jan and Joy Carew, who wrote the UN Handbook on Amaranth and have chronicled the history of colonialism and indigenous plants in the Americas in classic works of scholarship such as Fulcrums of Change and The Rape of Paradise. The picture of Amaranth to the right was taken in the Carew's Old Louisville yard in 2007.


rgely40207 said...

I don't know about a google photo album but I think the garden group could benefit from having a Yahoo Group, which has places for photo albums and links. It would give a to contact people with things that only pertained to the garden group, serve as a repository for photos and practices so we could reference it in the future without having to save emails. The Yahoo groups can be readily moderated so spam can be controlled and to prevent intrusions like recently happened on Sustainability Education. If the group decides to do this I would be willing to set it up, just give the word, and let me know what to call the group, and I will have it done in about a week. This wouldn't preclude posting the same messages etc, on Sustainable Clifton or Sustainability Education or the email list, but would provide a place to save things that could easily be referenced and a good place to exchange messages that might get tiresome for the folks that are not particularly interested in the Gardening aspect.

Sustain said...

The Sustainable Clifton site has a Picasa Web Album associated with it. Anyone who has publishing privileges can also upload slide shows there.

For more info on how to do this, go to:

Also, the Sustainability Education listserv has all the functionality of a yahoo group, including the ability to segment threads by topic (i.e. "Clifton Gardens"), which was the consensus decision of the working group as to how to handle content from the EDE/community education partnership while continuing to make available in one place the discussion and announcement content.

The Google Groups site has similar functionality to a yahoo group, including options to upload and distribute files, photos, etc.

Setting up such a file folder within the sustainabilityeducation group site would be great!

The offending spam and posters have been deleted and banned.

If you are still interested in such moderating privileges and contributing to the sustainability education listserv group, that would be very welcome!

rgely40207 said...

The comments I made in this post from last month were intended as a response to a query from John Baker regarding pictures. I was surprised to see them show up on this page as I thought I was just responding to the Garden Group email list! That being said, I would be glad to help moderate, especially if it helps clean up the spam.