Sustainable Clifton Thrives on Your Participation

The Sustainable Clifton initiative continues to thrive.

Started as a Clifton Neighborhood partnership with Adena Institute and a sponsorship grant from Gaia Education, Sustainable Clifton has evolved into an integral, long term effort of the Clifton Community Council to create a more sustainable neighborhood. Ongoing efforts offer opportunities to explore ecological, economic, social and worldview dimensions for sustainability design, living and learning in Clifton.

To learn more about sustainability in Clifton, take a look at the annual activities summaries and the earlier posts in these sites:

If you would like to join or learn more about Sustainable Clifton, contact John Baker 
( Click here for email ).

Living and Learning for Sustainability, a sustainability education collaborative coordinated by  Adena Institute, which continues to offer innovative sustainability, communications and transformational change research, learning and action programming along with related consultative, media and design services.

To learn more, contact David Silverman ( email ).

Gaia Education and Ecovillage Design Education programmes continue to grow world wide. To learn more about Gaia or locate an EDE programme near you or online, go to