Social Working Group Update

Hello Social Cliftonites!

Feel free to share this info, especially with friends and neighbors who don't use the internet much.

Planned Projects – Something for the youth, table at Sustainability fair
Possible Project – Clifton History

Planned Project
At last month's potluck, we talked about an even that could reach out to more – and more diverse – people in the neighborhood, especially youth.

So, how about a 3-on-3 basketball tournament? About 8 of us at the last potluck thought that'd be a swell idea, especially if we included some vendors and other activities between games. Everyone thought it best reach out to other neighborhood groups on this one, ones that already work with youth, businesses that might like to sponsor prizes, things like that. We've identified some potential partners.

There will be several opportunities for anyone looking to help strengthen the sense of community in Clifton. First and foremost, a couple of people willing to take a stroll and have a chat with some of those potential partners would be great.

ALSO, the Clifton Unitarian Sustainability Fair is June 14, and Sustainable Clifton has been invited to table. Woo hoo! Do you have an hour or two hang out that day? Sure you do.

To learn more, email or better yet, come to the potluck.

2. Possible Project – Clifton History
Somebody has a very strong interest in chronicling Clifton History, possibly even publishing the results. What a great excuse to talk to your neighbors! It's also an opportunity to tap into the wisdom of older and long-time Clifton residents, really learn about this community's diversity, and produce something as a group for future generations – and for us today.

So if history, research, interviewing, web or print publication, natural history, nosiness or general neighborly-ness are among your interests, do email, or better yet, com to the potluck.

3. Potluck!
Tired of communicating by computer? Come to a Social Clifton potluck. The next one will be this The potluck is this Saturday, June 7 at 6:00pm at Sycamore Manor. That's 2305 Sycamore, big white house at the corner of Sycamore and N. Jane, just one block North of Frankfort.
It's a pretty laid back time to just hang out with some neighbors. We'll also talk about the aforementioned projects between bites.

We'll be glad to see you there.


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