Whole Hog or Half?


We do have a choice

In Clifton, many are shaking their heads in amazement. We are faced with the combined consequences of unbridled corporate greed and our federal governments ignorant quest for empire. As rising food and energy costs put the pinch on our more vulnerable residents, many of us look forward to receiving our “economic stimulus” checks from the IRS.

“No to trying to resolve from above the problems of our nation, but yes to building from below and for below. We don’t believe the ends justify the means. Finally we think the means are the end. We construct our objective at the same time we construct the means by which we go on struggling. In that sense, the value we give to the spoken word, to honesty and sincerity, is great, even though at times we may err ingenuously.” Zapatista message.

You are invited to join with many of your neighbors and donate all or a portion of your “economic stimulus” check to your Clifton Community Council’s “Sustainable Clifton” fund. Your donation is also tax-deductible. The satisfaction that you will experience will only be exceeded by your happiness in seeing your neighborhood –

v Establish a community garden

v Promote positive relationships

v Provide training in sustainability

v Established a neighborhood currency for the exchange of goods and services

v Celebrate a neighborhood that is safe, welcoming, diverse, and attractive

v Support locally owned businesses

v Respect our ecology and bioregion

Send your tax-deductible donation to the Clifton Community Council, Box 333, 2337, Louisville, KY 40206. For more information contact: John Baker, 893-0477, johnbaker@bellsouth.net. (Reprinted from the Clifton Quarterly, Summer, 2008)

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