Sustainable Clifton Ecological Working Group: Clifton Gardens Update 3/22/08

Sustainable Clifton Ecological Working Group: Clifton Gardens Update 3/22/08

First: The weekly Clifton Gardens/Ecological Working Group meeting will be cancelled this Sunday, Mar 23 since it is Easter and the Clifton Center will be closed.

We will meet again the following Sunday, Mar 30, 4 pm at Clifton Center, 2117 Payn Street, Louisville, KY 40206. Come all and bring any design ideas you may have, since we now have permission to use a parcel of the land at SHV! ( Whit, Sam, and Matt will be in Austin Texas for an ecological learning opportunity at the Rhizome Collective, and therefore will not be present, but the rest of the Garden group will be at the Clifton Center - and new faces are very welcome! ).

Update on Sustainable Clifton - Sacred Heart Arts and Gardens Site:

On that note: Matt Edwards, Whit Forrester, Sam Kaviar, Mike O'Leary, John Eberman, Emily, Boone, Jarrod Orange, John Baker and David Silverman met with Martha Workman from Sacred Heart Village this Thursday to receive formal permission to use a parcel of the land adjacent to the Sacred Heart Village campus.

Not only did we receive verbal permission to go ahead with the construction of the garden, but our permission is for use of a piece of land which is much more suitable in every way: it is larger, flatter, receives more sunlight, is at a lower elevation than the SHV campus (so rainwater collection should require no pumping), is more accessible to the SHV residents, less intrusive to neighbors, and is in full view of a main road. Attached is an aerial photo showing the two sites. The one that we have permission for is the larger rectangular outline adjacent to Payne St. Note that it is roughly 4 times the size of the smaller, earlier proposed site.

Next Sacred Heart planning meeting: Thursday, March 27 at 4 p.m.
We will be meeting again with SHV to discuss more detailed plans for the layout and interfacing of the garden with SHV this coming Thursday, March 27 at 4 p.m. Feel free to offer up any design ideas you might have to present at that meeting. Just give Matt a call at (502) 649-6104. Perhaps we can arrange an open brainstorming session prior to the Thursday meeting.

Next Workdays:

Sunday, April 6th 11 AM - 4pm at the Sacred Heart Site, followed by Ecological Working Group Arts and Gardens planning meeting, 4 - 6 p.m. across the street from the Clifton Center, 2117 Payne Street, Louisville, KY 40206.

I'm ready for some workdays! How 'bout you folks? I (Matt) would like to propose a compost system construction day as a learning and community-building opportunity for anyone who would like to get involved. Whit, Sam, and I will surely have some good ideas form our visit
to the Rhizome Collective in Austin by then. I'm thinking Sunday, Apr. 6th starting at 11 AM and running up to the usual meeting time at 4PM-- perhaps we could have the meeting there on site? As I said, bring all of your ideas! This is a process of co-creation and mutual learning!


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